Make your vehicle look and feel like it just rolled of the showroom floor.

Save our planet at the same time

Why choose us?

Professional cleaners

Our certified professional cleaners are committed to building relationships with our clients and ensuring complete satisfaction


Our company is committed to improving the environmental services of our services through the use of new technology and new Eco-compatible active ingredients

Saving Water

No water mess, no run off , no trade effluent into the sewers.  As we only use 200 ml of solution to clean your car , we won’t leave behind any water mess or run off product.

Online Booking

Online booking , real time notifications. No driving no queuing no waiting. We will come at your desired location.

Nano Wax Technology beads, sheets and repels water helping to prevent dirt build up for easy repeat cleaning.

Incorporating  Carnauba Wax (the world’s hardest natural wax) together with latest  Super Hydrophobic Nano Technology creates an instant mirror-gloss finish  with added UV protection. car detailing car wash car interior cleaning


On Demand Mobile Car Valet. ECO-Friendly

At Waterless Wash & Wax we use the most advanced waterless wash solution, which cleans, waxes, polishes and nano protects any part of your vehicle.

Advanced  technology waterless and detailing system instantly releases and  suspends dirt and grime from exterior surfaces to create a superb  showroom shine.

It's all in the details.

  • 450L of water SAVED for each car washed by us.
  • Water based  formula,contains no harsh chemicals, no volatile organic compounds  (V.O.C’s) or abrasive ingredients that could damage paintwork and trim.
  • Online booking , real time notifications.
  • No driving no queuing no waiting. We will come at your desired location.
  • Affordable pricing , great value for money.
  • No water mess, no run off , no trade effluent into the sewers.  As we only use 200 ml of solution to clean your car , we won’t leave behind any water mess or run off product.
  • Outstanding showroom shine finish.
  • Perfectly safe for all types of paintwork and wraps.
  • NanoWax Technology washes, waxes & protects paintwork all in one.

How does it work?


Choose a convenient day and a 2 hours slot.


You will receive a confirmation email once you complete the booking.


You will receive a reminder via text and / or email 2 hours ahead of your booking slot.


You will receive a notification via text and / or email when a car cleaner is heading to your selected place.


Once the cleaner finishes, you will receive a last notification including a photo of your showroom looking car.


We need the car to be parked in a location that allows full door opening and, if you’re not available, to arrange keys collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waterless doesn’t mean we don’t use liquid, we do, just less of it. A LOT LESS! Less than 1L/ large car Our ultra nano solution is an eco-friendly product that cleans, waxes, polishes and nano protects any part of your vehicle. Our nano wax, contains the world’s hardest natural protective wax, high-grade carnauba, giving your vehicle a premium mirror-gloss finish.

Our waterless solution washes away the most stubborn dirt and gives your vehicle an instantly clean, highly polished finish leaving behind no toxic runoff (saving the environment one clean at a time). Our formulation contains Nano and Carnauba waxes which seal the vehicle’s base metal and wax coats the paint surface at the same time for double protection; repelling water, making the surface super slick, shiny and giving anti-static protective qualities. This helps to prevent dust being attracted to the surface keeping the surfaces cleaner and shinier for much longer than old style traditional washing.

No, not at all! Our waterless products contain no hazardous ingredients unlike those contained in most conventional style products such as petroleum, acids, solvents. What’s even better… Every time you use Waterless Wash & Wax over a traditional hand or electric car wash you save, on average, over 350 litres of water!!! As we use less than 1 litre per wash, a fortnightly wash saves annually over 9000 litres of water per person.

If you request Inside & Out valet, we will collect your keys from you at the scheduled wash time. Whether you’re in the office and leave your keys with your receptionist, or in the comfort of your home, simply drop us a comment when booking letting us know where the keys will be. If we have any problem, we’ll call you. Simple.

Whilst we are in beta mode, we’re only covering Cambridge and surroundings. You can enter your postcode on our website and see if your area is serviced.

Yes, we do. Businesses should contact us on to discuss special rates for business accounts. Whether you want your fleet of sales cars looking perfect or you simply want to put a smile on your employee’s faces with a weekly car clean, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Each Waterless Wash & Wax cleaner will usually service the same area so it’s very likely! Although, as our guys and gals are very busy making vehicles shine, they may be booked on another job – don’t worry, all our partners are fully trained to give your car its maximum shine every time.

If you received a promotion code for a discounted wash, please enter this on the final screen before hitting book. You can do this by choosing your cleaning options by clicking “Book now” in the top menu and you will be able to enter your code after clicking “Book Now”. Once you hit book, any discounts will be deducted from the overall cost.

Don’t worry, you can amend the time and/or cancel a wash by simply visiting your account. Or if it’s easier give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

Still have questions?